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Sunday School Attendance

Easter Community Festival

April 3rd
• Good Friday Service at 7pm

April 4th
• Easter Egg Hunts from 12pm to 4pm
• Craft Bazaar from 10am to 4pm
• Food, Clothing & Blood Drive

April 5th
• Sunrise Service at 7am
• Easter Celebration Service at 10:45am

Brought to you by Safe Harbor Church of the Nazarene,
Lewis & Clark Young Marines, St. Pauly’s and Bloodworks

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Why I Do Not Believe in the Rapture

One year on vacation, I visited a church were I was guest speaker in the morning and just a guest in the evening.  The moderator for the evening was showing a series of video lectures on the Second Coming of Christ.  When discussion time came, the moderator, knowing my stance, asked, “Does anyone here not believe in the Rapture?”  I silently raised my hand.  Another lady, with a long history in our denomination whipped around in shock, “I don’t believe it!” she declared, “A Nazarene pastor who doesn’t believe in the Rapture!”

But there are a number of problems with “rapture theology”.  Two are crucial to the thinking Christian:

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"All Souls Will Be Safe"