30 Hour Famine

How did you see God at work during the Famine?

That was one of the debrief questions I asked our students Sunday afternoon as we talked after the fundraiser. At this point, I don’t remember if I publicly answered this question or not so I figured it was the best place to start.

To be honest, the whole weekend God was completely at work. I saw it in how the kids responded to everything we did. I had very little expectation as far as what they would get out of this experience and I expected a whole lot more attitude than what I got. It was a 180 degree difference that I got to experience as far as our teens were concerned. In total, we had four teens, James and I for our famine weekend. We spent 30 hours fasting as a way to empathize with those who go through hunger all the time.

Those hours were spent learning and playing games that represented, in part, the lives of those in Ethiopia through a game World Vision created called Tribe. Each game represented something a community needs in order to thrive: food, healthcare, clean water, agriculture, education and economic opportunity. One of the things that surprised me, but really shouldn’t have, was the conversation we had after playing the game representing clean water. All of the other games were kind of abstract ideas of the real problems but the clean water game “Watering Hole” was a real example of what it’s like for a lot of the world, not just Ethiopia, to not have clean water. It was amazing as a leader to watch the lightbulbs go off and see that our students got it.

We went as a group to Pacific Specialty & Rehabilitative Care to spend some time with the patients there. We ended up playing bingo and I had a chance to be surprised again. The teens loved it enough to want to go back again.

How was God at work? He was working in our students’ lives and in mine. This weekend wasn’t just about being hungry for a few measly hours. It was about more than that. It was about digging in deep and learning that even we can make a difference. We as a church body made a difference in a child’s life in some country we may never visit. We, who have little, were able to give so another could have. Another child can have clean water and good food and medicine because we did something about it. This lesson is so important and our teens got it. I am so proud of them. I can’t say it enough, they were amazing!

I personally want to thank everyone for their prayers and support. I know for sure that it was your prayers that helped us through the weekend. Through our fundraisers we were able to raise about $240 that we are planning, if able, to send to Kenya as a way to give us a face to pray for since Musili is in Kenya. Thank you!

– Sarah Lawer
Youth Leader

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